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My name is Marianne.

I live in Copenhagen with my two boys.

My mother tongue is Danish. I speak English and French fluently and I have the basic skills in German and Portugese.

I hold a master degree in Educational Science and French language. I’ve been trained in transformative coaching skills since 2009.

During my studies I worked with kids with special needs. My focus was on language and communication skills.

It was fun, creative and playful !  – and it was such a contrast to studying and learning French.

It was like two different worlds!

I often asked myself:

What would happen if the two worlds were combined?

Would there then be more people learning and studying foreign languages ?

And why is it language learning for adults often get boring ?


Well, one of the answers to these questions, is that we tend to forget – or we don’t allow ourselves – to play when we grow up.

Furthermore, we often get very significant and serious when learning a foreign language.

As a language coach I intend to combine the two worlds.


There are aspects of language learning where hard work is required.

– And there are other aspects where we can make it fun, creative and playful